Jayland Naturals - Cold Pressed Wild Flaxseed Oil Spray - 150ml

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Jayland Naturals - Cold Pressed Wild Flaxseed Oil Spray - 150ml

Our artisans have mindfully created a wild flaxseed oil that lightly enriches the taste of any meal while offering a plethora of health benefits. It contains a perfectly balanced admixture of the essential fatty acids: Omega 3-6-9. Due to Omega-6 being such a common nutrient, our unique 2:1:2 ratio highlights the health benefits of these important fats and better compliments your diet. In addition, our wild flaxseed oil is rich in the natural antioxidant, vitamin E, which helps to preserve the oil longer even after the bottle has been opened. Vitamin E also ensures there is no loss of nutrients in the oil during the cooking process. Our flaxseed oil is unique in providing households a product with a smoking point as high as 247°C, one of the highest on the market.


We proudly source all our oil seeds from the pollution-free and pesticide-free prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada.


All our oil seeds are pressed in temperatures below 40°C to ensure the preservation of nutrients in our product.


We eliminate any impurities lingering in our oil by using the centrifugation method and several stages of filtering to confidently create a natural and additive-free product suitable for infants. 


Taste is everything. It is only right for us to take pride in delivering a product that is deliciously light tasting and is absent of the unwanted fishiness and bitterness present in other flaxseed oils.