Jayland Naturals - Cold Pressed Avocado Oil Spray 150ml

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Jayland Naturals - Cold Pressed Avocado Oil Spray 150ml

Jayland Naturals' cold pressed avocado oil is meticulously crafted from premium, non-GMO Hass avocados that are sourced in the alpine regions of Mexico. Its thick, radiant green flesh offers high nutrutional value, making it a perfect addition to all cooking. 

Jayland Naturals’ avocado oil is innovated to withstand any loss of nutrients through high heat exposure. At 200°C, our cold pressed avocado oil can last for as long as half an hour without any smoke or loss of vital nutrients. While as the conventional refined avocado oil may have a higher smoke point of 270°C, it is much less durable in retaining vital nutrients during the cooking process as temperatures increase. This makes our cold pressed avocado oil user-friendly when cooking nutritious meals.


We carefully pick out high-quality Hass avocados that show optimal colour consistency.


We do not use any ripening chemicals for our avocados. Selected avocados are placed in a controlled temperature room to spend three days ripening naturally and monitored to prevent any spoiling.      


Every one of our avocados are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized for safety.


Every avocado is peeled and has its core removed; we extract oil only from the flesh of our Hass avocados. A 250ml bottle of Jayland Naturals’ avocado oil is made using approximately 20 avocados.


Cold pressing occurs in temperatures below 50°C to preserve nutrient content.


Our avocado oil is bottled after a filtration process, and there are no food additives or synthetic colours. The simpler the better!