Alligga™ - Organic Flaxseed Cooking Oil - 250ml

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Alligga™ -  Organic Flaxseed Cooking Oil - 250ml

100% Canadian and is full of Omega-3, Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil is a healthy choice for cooking. The first of its kind in North America, Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil boasts a smoke point of  250°C/482°F and a 60% Omega-3 content even after heating. Unlike other flaxseed oils that have a smoke point of 107C/225F, Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil can be used to sauté, bake and even fry your favorite foods, it can also be used as a conventional flaxseed oil as a salad dressing, dip or drizzled as a food topping. 

Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil is harvested and cold pressed in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. Its natural, nutty flavor has no added chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Now you can have an edible oil that gives you the best source of Omega-3 of any other vegetable oil.

The Benefits

Flaxseeds are considered to be one of the world’s healthiest natural foods, containing the highest level of Omega-3 ALA amongst vegetable oils. Regular consumption can help with reducing inflammation, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, along with many other great health benefits.

In a balanced diet, one daily teaspoon of flaxseed oil will provide your dietary needs.

The Facts

Flaxseeds come from the blue flowered flax plant, which have been grown and cultivated for thousands of years mainly for its many health benefits. Now, Canada is the largest producer and exporter of flax, generating 40% of the world’s production. 

Flaxseed oil has been touted as an excellent source of Omega-3 and a great vegetarian alternative to fish oil. It has been proven to have positive effects on your heart, brain, cardiovascular system, immune system, skin and hair. It’s also known to help with regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, fighting diseases, managing diabetes, dealing with inflammation and constipation.

Why Use AlliggaTM 

Compared to other cooking oils, Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil is one of the healthiest and has the highest source of Omega-3. Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil is 100% natural, cold-pressed and filtered from non-GMO flaxseeds. It contains no added chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives. With a smoke point of 250°C/482°F (compared to 107C/225F of conventional flaxseed oils), Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil has been lab tested and proven to retain its 60% Omega-3 content at high heat temperatures. Use Alligga™ Cooking Oil to sauté, bake, broil, roast or even fry your favourite foods.